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Linder Sportsman 400

Linder Sportsman 400

A planing, family boat for lakes, rivers and coastal waters. Suitable uses include fishing and waterskiing (lighter people). For motors of up to 20 hp. Lockable stowage space in the stern and middle seats. Optional steering console, including space for the battery, is available. An environment friendlier choice of boat made in high quality corrosion-resistant aluminium corresponding to that used in aircraft. Standard equipment includes aluminium oars and rowlocks. 

Unsinkable and floats even when waterlogged and carrying 4 people. 3-year guarantee. Approved bow eye (insurance class 3). Security marked with micro dots (Securmark*). 

  • Technical Specification

    Length: 401 cm 
    Width: 164 cm 
    Weight: 125 kg (139 kg with steering console) 

    Hull depth: 63 cm 
    Rec. motor: 6-20 hp (4.38-11 kW) 
    20 hp only with steering console 

    Shaft length: Long 
    Max. load: 420 kg 
    Max. no. people: 4 

    Hull thickness: 1.8 mm 
    CE marked for category D: For sheltered waters

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