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e-go foldable electric bikes

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The idea for e-go electric folding bikes was actually born out of the need to find the smallest, lightest and most compact foldable electric bikes to stow away on a boat, the freedom to move around and explore new locations by boat was great but wouldn’t it be fantastic if that freedom could be extended, once on dry land?


E-go folding electric bikes offer a range of quality and uncompromising electric foldable bikes, from our best selling ‘e-go Lite’ weighing in at just over 14kg net to our largest ‘e-go Max+’ fat tyre sporting 4.24″ tyres. All bikes use the unique and innovative ‘seat post battery’. This is powered by either LG or Samsung  


The designers have cleverly managed to incorporate the battery inside the seat post, at first glance they don’t even look like electric bikes! They have 3 modes, pedal assist, walk and standard bike mode.


With a 36v 250w motor (apart from the Max+Pro sporting a 500w motor) and all using branded lithium ion batteries, LG or Samsung (depending on model) these reliable machines will give you years of great service. 


Locks, seats, Panniers and more


Built to Last


Cycling is becoming more indispensable to our everyday lives, in terms of exercise, leisure and work and especially with the latter, who wants to turn up for work tired and perspiring?. You choose how much effort you want to use, all or nothing.  Folding electric bikes are the future.


The e-go bike is an extremely well made foldable electric bike using quality materials, so much so we offer a full 12 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. This does not cover normal wear and tear, damage/failure due to an accident, incidental or consequential damage, or any use of the product that’s inconsistent with the operating instructions as laid out in our user manual. This folding electric bike is not only a great bike it’s an electric bike also!



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