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About us 


eSolent's mission is to enable the reality of clean, quiet, efficient boating.

We are Ed, Carolyn, Natasha, James and Dominic, a family that loves sailing and water sports.  We are passionate about doing what we can to preserve the fragile marine environment that surrounds us. 

In 2020 we made the bold move to start re-engineering our family boats with electric drive ePropulsion engines. We haven't looked back, we are now all electric. 

For us, our boating experience is more about the journey than the destination. The sheer pleasure of propelling our boats through the water quietly, allows us to reflect on the amazing beauty of the sea, hearing the wildlife that surrounds us, against the background noise of no more than the water under our hull. 

The realities of life, however, mean that destinations must be reached and schedules met. We have a responsibility to achieve this in a way that is efficient whilst being kind to the environment. 

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