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We want to help you convert to clean, quiet, efficient boating, aiming to protect the fragile marine environment that surrounds us.

We hope these sections will aid you, but please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or a chat.

Take the first step today ... for a better tomorrow!


Skylark and Nautibuoy - Our 26 foot Parker Super Seal and Trapper 240 are fully electric.   We also have electric tenders, kayak, paddle boards and bikes.

The Seal and Trapper are also fitted out with our fridge/freezers and run on domestic batteries that we sell.

PBO article - Skylark Conversion

The conversion of our Parker Super Seal, Skylark, has been published in The Practical Boat Owner - have a look at what we said here.

IMG_20210926_181213 (1).jpg

Navy & Pod Guide

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