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I-20 Electric Inboard Motor

I-20 Electric Inboard Motor



The i20 integrates the five functional modules of motor, gearbox, motor controller, vehicle controller and thermal management system into a small space of 580mm*330mm*380mm, greatly reducing the machine size and takes up 60% less space than typical combustion engine.


Lighter weight


65% less weight than typical combustion engine and 30% lighter than electric inboard motor of similar range.


Easy to install

Internal wiring has been connected before delivery, greatly reducing the installation work and providing customers with an out-of-the-box experience. 


The i20 engine should be combined with a throttle and 2 batteries



  • Smart, Modular, Safe and Reliable


    • The i20 supports Propulsion ADAS system to improve the safety and reduce the complexity of driving for users.

    • It centralizes I M and various sensors to make intelligent recognition and detection of vessel and equipment status.

    • Advanced human-machine interaction system can actively recognize user's intention to operate intelligently.

    • It supports NMEA 2000 communication and future expansions of ADAS.


    • All modules use CAN Bus communication and are intelligently configured without complicated manual configuration. Easy for installation and future upgrades.

    • High flexibility to allow different number of batteries to be selected according to different range requirements.

    Safe and Reliable

    • eSSA adopts modular design to enable users to choose different combinations of modules according to different scenarios and usage requirements.

    • A complete fault diagnosis system: When equipment and parts fail, the system will identify and remind users through the smart display and clou-based P r o p u l s i o n Connectivity Service platform/application.

    • A full redundancy design: When the system recognizes that the equipment and parts are faulty, it will automatically shield and protect the processing to ensure that the boat can continue to run safely as much as possible.

  • Propulsion Connectivity: The Built-in loT

    The i20 is a pioneering propulsion motor integrated with the Propulsion Connectivity Service, a built-in loT module allowing users to access cloud-based connectivity service without adding additional accessories. This feature is industry-leading.

  • Simple Operation and Human-Centric Design

    The machine is easy to install and maintain

    •The integrated motor is convenient for customers to deploy.

    •High-reliability products onlv require a small amount of maintenance work.

    •The lubricating oil, water pump and other interfaces involved in the daily maintenance/inspection of the customer are all on the exterior surface, which is convenient for maintenance work.


  • Sustainable and Environmental-Friendly


    The i20 inboard motor is equipped with a hydrogeneration function as standard.

    It allows the battery to be charged while sailing or towing at speeds between 4 and 10 knots.


    • Multiple technologies are applied to ensure the silence of the machine.

    • With the rubber shock absorbing suspension of the machine, there is no uncomfortable vibration during the operation. The boat ride is relaxed and pleasant, and is more friendly to the aquatic environment.


    . The electric inboard motor adopts environmentally friendly materials.

    • There is no fuel leakage during operation, and no harmful substances are released.

    Energy saving 

    •The gear reducer scheme greatly reduces the resource consumption of rare metals and heavy metal copper inside the motor, and the electric drive technology reduces carbon emissions by 100%.

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