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12Ah Lifos battery

12Ah Lifos battery

The Lifos Go 12A is ideal for mobility scooters, golf carts, alarm systems and any application that requires a high cycling battery where savings can be made by reducing the number of service visits required to change a shorter life cycle lead acid battery.

Lifos Go 12 provides a super long 2000 operating cycles at 70% depth of discharge (DOD) rising to an impressive 3000 cycles if discharged to 50% (that more than eight years of trouble free performance). At 70% DOD, the Lifos Go 12 provides a usable power of 8.4Ah, which means it gives the same usable power as a 17Ah lead acid battery but in a compact size, around one and half times smaller. Weight too is much reduced. Lifos Go 12 is 1.5kgs compared to 5kgs for a lead acid equivalent.

Two batteries can be connected together in series or parallel.

Lifos Go 12 comes with a two year warranty.

Please Note - Lifos Go 12 does not have the App function

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