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Rutland 1200X Windcharger 48V

Rutland 1200X Windcharger 48V



The Rutland 1200T generator is based on Marlec’s pioneering disk type design. Its low resistance AC operation combines the latest powerful rare earth type magnets with a 3-phase winding and low friction bearings. This is housed in a protective aluminium casing and all manufactured by Marlec in the UK.



  • Cool operation which increases efficiency and reliability.

  • The low resistance generator works in harmony with the aerofoil blades and controller to ensure that across the whole range of windspeeds the Rutland 1200T generates the maximum energy possible from the available wind.

  • The generator is sealed to withstand weather conditions around the world.

  • The overall benefit is greater Ampere hours of energy delivered to your battery 


Unique Tri-Namic Aerofoil Blades


The refined aerofoil blade profile is purpose designed for quietness, low windspeed

start up and high wind peak aerodynamic performance. Each injection moulded

blade is identical and perfectly balanced for smooth operation.


A rotor that remains virtually silent across all windspeeds.


A very low cut-in windspeed that starts charging at <3m/s (6mph/9kmph)


Unrivalled power generation of 250W at 10m/s (23mph/37kmph) and peak

power of 483W @ 15m/s.


Our efficient, finely profiled Tri-namic blades ensure that the Rutland 1200 converts

the maximum energy available in the wind to charge your batteries.


Elegant and Aerodynamically Styled


The sculpted nose and nacelle efficiently direct the flow of air leading to the built-in tail fin which directs the rotor to the prevailing wind.




Build Quality


The Rutland 1200 Turbine sets the standard for micro wind turbines in both performance and reliability. At their manufacturing facility in Corby,UK they  use high grade materials to create a robust, high quality and long lasting turbine.


Distinctive blue hard anodized marine grade aluminium,modern and lightweight UV stable injection mouldings and stainless steel components and fasteners perform in temperatures experienced from theArctic to the equator.

  • MPPT Terrain Controller


    This purpose designed Rutland 1200 Terrain charge controller incorporates hi-tech and other optional features to fully optimise power generation from the turbine system and prevent overcharging.

    Operating Technologies

    Maximum Power Point Tracking - MPPT technology is an intelligent microprocessor controlled feature that electronically optimises power generation.

    This enables the Rutland 1200T system to commence charging at very low rotor speeds, maximising typical daily low to medium windspeeds.

    Overcharge Control- Digital technology used by our engineers very effectively prevents batteries overcharging.

    Battery voltage levels are continuously monitored and as full capacity is reached the turbine speed is controlled thereby preventing overcharging. The blades may run slowly and automatically resume normal operation as the battery

    Multi-Stage Charging Regime - An algorithm embedded within the overcharge control provides multi-stage charging to maintain it through Bulk, Absorption and Float phases. The system responds to changes in the state of the battery to deliver as much available energy to maintain or reach full charge capacity. This charging regime promotes good capacity and battery longevity.

    The controller is a key component in the Rutland 1200T’s holistic design providing intelligence at managing the energy, the turbine and the battery to achieve maximum Ampere hours of charge to the battery bank per day.

    Connection Features


    Optimal performance of battery regulation is determined by the accuracy of voltage level readings and the Rutland 1200 Terrain controller includes vital connection facilities to support good performance of your battery bank.

    These are:

    Temperature Compensation – A temperature sensor is included and when fitted this feature automatically adjusts the charging regime voltage levels according to any variation from the standard 25 ̊C settings. This ensures batteries reach and maintain full capacity whatever the ambient temperature.

    Remote Voltage Sensor – This sensor wire facility detects battery voltage levels for the controller operation when batteries are positioned >1.5m away. This overcomes voltage drop that may occur in long cables preventing full charging performance. 2 positions are available in the event that 2 separate battery banks are connected via a separate charge splitter.

    Serial Data Socket - Provides a connection for user options; Optional Remote Display, data collection for professional systems or Marlec Controller Interface Cable with App for programming of Voltage parameters and auto shut-down required for other battery types, e.g. Lithium.


    Operating Features

    Run / Stall Button with LED Indicator – Used to manually start and soft stall operation. Soft-stall is a deceleration of the rotor until it eventually spins at a slow idle. Bi-colour LED indicates charging status; Standby, Charging and Regulating.

    Battery LED Indicator – Tri-colour indicates battery charge level.

    Electronic Over Current Shut-down – This protection automatically activates in high currents to reduce electrical load on the generator and mechanical load on the tower. This stalls the turbine and resets after 5 minutes, it may cycle in high winds.

    Electronic Over Temperature Shut-down – Automatically activates if the controller internal operating temperatures are exceeded. The turbine is temporarily stalled.


    Pleade contact us for a package prices - contoller sold separately in accordance to application and use.

  • Marlec

    Switch on to the benefifits of using Marlec’s clean renewable energy!

    • Simpler, faster and lower cost installation compared to grid power

    • Low or no running costs

    • Enables installation of essential and safetyequipment at remote sites

    • An eco-friendly system to be proud of

    With over 40 years of micro wind turbine manufacturing and solar panel system designs, we have a wealth of experience in supplying renewable energy off grid, providing independent power for our customers. 

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