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10'10'' Elite Pro Sport

10'10'' Elite Pro Sport

Our Elite Pro Sport was designed to bridge the gap between our all-rounder boards and touring boards. With superior hydrodynamic shaping, improved tracking performance and immense glide speed, the Elite Pro Sport is the perfect board for those looking to progress to something faster, whilst having the added advantage of being less bulky and more maneuverable than the Sports Touring board.

The Elite Pro Sport is our first board to incorporate cross stitch technology making even stronger and lighter than ever before.

The Elite Pro Sport truly gives you the best of both worlds. Not only can you enjoy excellent performance and effortless paddling, but the Elite Pro Sport is also surprisingly stable. This is because even though the board is narrower than the Ultimate board (30’’ wide), it’s only 4.75’’ thick. This thinner construction helps to lower your centre of gravity and improve stability.

  • Technical Specification

    • Warranty: 5 years on our boards
    • Recommended Pressure: 18-20 PSI
    • Max Pressure: 25 PSI
    • Length: 10'10''
    • Width: 30'' 
    • Thickness: 4.75''
    • Volume: 252L 
    • Deckpad: Diamond grove 
    • Carrying Capacity: 150kg
    • Board weight: 8.5kg
    • Technology: Double skin laminated fusion
    • Fins: Easy fix central fin + 2 indestructible side fins
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