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Why go electric?



Environmentally and ecologically sustainable

95% of oil and fuel marine pollution are due to every day use of diesel

and petrol engines from refuelling, engine emission and spillage.  

Fuel and oil contain hydrocarbonsand heavy metals which not only

affect human health but can also seriously damage our marine environment.

Electric motors are significantly quieter or virtually silent

In tests the indoor noise of the engine was as low as 55 dB,

which is less than the ambient noise in most boating environments.

In addition, the propeller runs underwater, so you hear practically no noise.

Emission-free, no unpleasant smell

No Carbon Dioxide. No Carbon Monoxide. No Sulphur Dioxide

Maintenance free: 100% Electric Drive

The electric drive makes our motors maintenance-free.

Our electric motor features an amazingly simple and reliable structure

with far fewer parts; no cylinder, no oil pump, no carburettor


Cheaper to run: Brushless DC Motor

Our Brushless DC motor has a much longer operating service life

compared to the standard brushed motor.

Brushed motors can attain 1,000 to 3,000 hours on average,

whilst brushless motors can achieve over 30,000 hrs of operating life

– much more than you need.​

Direct Drive

Direct drive means the propeller directly takes the power coming from

the motor without any reductions, unlike conventional engines.

Having fewer moving parts means there are fewer parts prone to failure.

Efficient and Manoeuvrable

 Handling and operation are easierAcceleration is higher with more initial torque 

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